Xavier – the barn owl

Xavier was brought to ZURI Orphanage on July the 12th.  He was a small ball of white fluff.  He was one of three little owls brought to the orphanage but unfortunately the other two owls did not survive.

Dr Xavier Aurey from France arrived on the 18th of July at ZURI Orphanage and immediately took over the feeding and caring of the little owl.  It was not long before we decided that due to the fact that the little owl bonded so well with Xavier, he should  inherit his name.

At first Xavier, the owl was fed Hills AD dog food by syringe.  A week later Xavier introduced small pieces of mince to Xavier.  Xavier, the owl had a defenite preference for mince and started to eat the small pieces by himself.

During the next three weeks Xavier started to lose some of his fluff and looked more like an adult owl.  He started to find his balance and it was amazing to watch him talk to Xavier while he was being fed.  He slept mostly in the day but started to wake up at night time and wanted to come out of his cage and hop around the room.  During this time the two Xaviers was constantly in conversation in French and owl language.

Xavier the owl was completely at home sitting on Xavier’s lap.  He started with flying small distances from Xavier’s lap back to his cage.  Soon after he began to fly longer distances around the kitchen.

On the 11th of August Xavier, the owl, was transferred to the big cage outside.  He had an owl house inside the cage and he could fly and sit on branches.  At first he was in awe of the outside world but soon enjoyed flying around the cage especially at night. Many of the wild barn owls can also be found sitting in the trees above his cage during the evenings.

Xavier will hopefully be released soon back into nature.  It will be both a sad and happy day because this is the little owl that has really crept into our hearts even as far as France.  He taught us what an owl can be when he gets love and attention.  He showed us that he has differant sounds for when he is happy and talking and for when he is play attacking.

Xavier, the litttle barn owl,  will always have a special place in Dr Xavier Aurey’s heart. When Xavier, the owl, will be released, Xavier from France, will have a special part of ZURI Orphanage’s history.